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Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, uses tattooing techniques to permanently enhance your natural features, or reproduce features that aren’t prominent enough or have been lost to aging, scarring, or a medical condition. At The Spa in Saxonburg in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, certified permanent cosmetic professional Denise Freehling has the expertise and experience to provide conservative, natural-looking results every time. If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area and you’d like to learn more about what permanent makeup can do for your face, call the office or book an appointment online.

Permanent Makeup and Microblading Q & A

What is permanent makeup?

Put simply, permanent makeup is a form of tattoo that’s typically used to enhance eyebrows, eyes, eyelashes, and lips. Unlike tattoos, however, the treatment uses pigments that are developed exclusively for permanent makeup, meaning they’re designed to enhance skin tones and appear more natural-looking than standard tattoo inks.

You may be an ideal candidate for permanent makeup if:    

  • Your brows are sparse or lack definition
  • Your eyes are poorly defined without makeup
  • Your lips are pale or poorly defined
  • You don’t wish to apply makeup every day
  • You’re highly active or you’re a swimmer
  • You have a makeup or skin allergy

You may want to think of permanent makeup as a kind of “facial lingerie” that never leaves you naked, and can be dressed up with topical makeup whenever you want a more dramatic look.    

What procedures does The Spa in Saxonburg offer?

As a certified permanent cosmetic professional, Ms. Freehling is qualified to apply permanent makeup to all the standard treatment areas, including the brows, eyes, eyelashes, and lips. She offers lip tinting and eyelash tinting, permanent eyeliner, and two-tone eyebrows.

With years of prior experience in the cosmetic industry, Ms. Freehling is uniquely suited to helping permanent makeup clients choose the colors that best match their own natural skin tone, style, and preference so they can achieve an effortless, polished look every day.  

What is microblading?

Microblading is the name of the technique used to fill in sparse eyebrows with permanent cosmetic tattoos. It involves the application of pigments through fine needles so that the added colors look like natural eyebrow hairs. If you’re not sure whether you want permanent makeup for your eyebrows, Ms. Freehling can show you what your brows would look like during an initial, no-obligation brow appointment.


What does the procedure entail?

Ahead of any permanent makeup procedure, you’ll receive detailed pre- and post-treatment instructions to ensure optimal results. At the start of the procedure, you’ll receive a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area and help you stay comfortable during pigment application. Most clients are surprised by how relaxing the application process can be. Once the treatment is complete, ointment will be applied to keep the area soft and help facilitate healing.   

All permanent cosmetic procedures are multi-treatment processes, meaning you’ll have to return for at least one perfecting session before it can be determined if your makeup is complete. All sessions are spaced four to six weeks apart to allow ample time for healing.

Does permanent makeup fade?

Yes. Permanent makeup is actually designed to fade naturally every time your skin exfoliates, giving you room to adjust your makeup as your skin matures with age. Although many factors affect just how quickly your permanent makeup fades, lighter colors tend to fade faster. Yearly touch-ups, which are available at moderate prices, are recommended to keep permanent makeup looking fresh.

*Individual results may vary.

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